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Happiness and Success
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Learn Happiness and Success
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Learn Happiness and Success in under 2 minutes per week

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Our mobile app tracks your happiness level throughout the day and what’s affecting you most, then gives personalized feedback based on scientific principle…


Tell us Your definition of Happiness and Your Definition of Success

Connecting Happiness and Success is a guide to creating Success through Happiness.   It includes 4 concepts you can implement to become happier and 3 concepts that teach you how to leverage that happiness to be successful.  It includes practical applications, examples and activities.  The book is based on research from the field of Positive Psychology and my own experiences at work, teaching leadership classes, and in mentoring and coaching.

Pleasure vs. Happiness

    The pursuit of pleasure involves feeling good in the short-term, and if overdone, creates a risk of negative long-term outcomes; the pursuit of happiness consists of intentional activities and habits that promote long term health and well-being.


Control Your Life

    You can be a victim of your circumstances or you can choose to own and change your life so you can create your own happiness.


Positive Relationships

    “. . . relationships with other humans are both the foundation and the theme of the human condition” Berscheid


Higher Purpose

    Our Higher Purpose is how we find deep meaning and fulfillment in our lives by contributing to someone or something that is bigger than ourselves.


Defining Success

    We want to define success so that every day we can choose actions that are making us successful and avoid actions that will disrupt our success.


Clarify and Prioritize

    Clarify and prioritize the steps necessary to reach our Definition of Success.


Implement with Discipline

    Happiness is not found at the end of the Rainbow. It is found in each moment of each day and in how those moments connect us to our future. The key is to be disciplined in implementing actions that will build our happiness and success daily.



Happiness Hack #61 – Relationships are as Important as Food and Water

Although it takes longer to see the effects, depriving yourself of social connections can take a physical toll just like not eating. Your brain responds both positively and negatively to the presence and quality of relationships in your life. Scientists are beginning to find that the loss or lack of social relationships creates actual physical […]

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